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About Jeff Lawson 

Jeff Lawson Techoosy Author

Jeff Lawson is a well-acknowledged computer specialist. He got his bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from Stanford University. With a decade of experience in repairing and optimizing iPad, laptops, and other smart cells, Jeff aims to create a tech hub where people can quickly locate multiple possible solutions with a single click. Being a CEO and tech specialist at Techoosy, Jeff decided to provide his opinions about smart gadgets to aid the community worldwide. 

All the reviews are comprehensive, based on genuine testing, and posted after detailed critical analysis thoroughly. Feel free to contact us for any queries. 

About Techoosy

With the continuous advancement in technology, the world has been heading towards productivity. The globally connected universe demands rapid innovation in internet-dependent devices to respond to the new opportunities timely. They are curious to get adequate knowledge about the latest inventions to face challenges in the particular field. 

Jeff Lawson is a tech enthusiast who established a reliable website to offer reviews on laptops from all categories. All of them are tested by well-trained professionals and engineers to give an honest opinion about the particular gadget. 

If you are a business owner, you can find multiple articles on this niche to make the final decision. For gaming, our preferences slightly vary. To make a long story short, you can find a bunch of long-tail and short-tail articles regarding any trouble. 

In our content, we stocked the best laptops in terms of price and reviews. None of them is biased. They are free from the influence of manufacturers and retailers, reflecting an accurate picture of what it is. 

Each article consists of a shortlist of the best products. Of course, the selection is based on some particular criteria from which we carefully choose the winning product at last.  

Our Aim 

Jeff Lawson is a visionary person who aims to establish a globally connected hub and render himself for betterment in technology. From how-to guides to product testing and reviewing, we strive for excellence. 

Our website is based on step-by-step guides to blow your mind. If your PC stops working, get it repaired by yourself with the help of our ample efforts and guides – one spot for all solutions. 

Techoosy Team 

The team is the most valuable asset for any company. Techoosy.com consists of highly educated and well-experienced officials worldwide to bring solutions for exhausted old PCs. Whether you are looking for the best laptop to invest in or try to manage a damaged one on your own, we can assist you. After serving our local community, we are here to aid our online community

Our team members belong to different continents based on their expertise. To ensure quality over quantity, each device is tested twice after being reviewed. We aim to provide fair and accurate reviews free from subjectivity. To make any decision regarding PCs, we’ll love to help you out. Together we can make this world worth living.