Best Laptops for Young Professionals to Buy in 2023

Picking the best laptop for young professionals or ex-college students is a serious business that we can’t afford to neglect. In this competitive and fast-moving market, young professionals need to have all the right equipment to make a place within the market and keep up with its pace.

There are barely any fields in the market that young professionals can get past without having a decent business laptop to perform necessary tasks. Of course, there might be some isolated bubbles in the market where business laptops might not be a complete necessity. But not having one would mean that you won’t be able to keep up with your co-workers and competitors.

From beginner jobs to admin level jobs, from business users to be in any firm, you would barely witness any person without a laptop. Because the world functions digitally now, and physical involvement and interference have been pushed to a bare minimum, especially after the pandemic, with labor-intensive jobs being an exception.

Best Laptops for Young Professionals in 2022 – Our Best Picks

That is where we jump in and ensure that you don’t lag in the professional world just because of a device less than perfect to accompany you through your daily professional life.

Best Laptop for Young Professionals – The All-Rounder

Lenovo Thinkpad x1 carbon 9

We listed Carbon 9 as the best all-rounder in the market and the best laptop for young professionals in this category. This laptop is the 9th generation, while Lenovo has eight other generations of this laptop. It is a new launch from the company that stands as the greatest one of the windows laptops for office work, making it the best business laptop with excellent performance.

Key Features:

This laptop’s unique and outstanding build is already mentioned in its name. It is made of carbon, a material that is non-metallic but still, it is a strong one. The laptop comes in black, giving it a very stylish, decent, and professional look. The screen size of this laptop is 14 inches big which delivers a full HD anti-glare that minimizes the reflections on the screen. The display resolution works at 60 hertz.

We can’t move further without mentioning the keyboard’s very usual but essential component of the laptop. It is a highly comfortable one that includes backlighting for any environment. It is integrated with the fingerprint scanner for quick and easy access to the laptop, as time is money. You can’t be placing your fingers on the keyboard all the time.

It is powered by the fantastic most sought-after Intel core i7 processor – a complete necessity to have to perform heavy tasks. Also, it is paired with a fully dedicated Intel Iris Xe graphics card, a decent complement to the processor, aiding it with functions to get the job done. As a result, this laptop stands among the greatest laptops used quite often in different places and work environments.

The RAM of this laptop has a massive capacity of 16 gigabytes which is quite promising when you plan to work on multiple jobs without facing any lags or delays. In addition, the machine offers storage of 512 gigabytes of SSD, yet another marvel of the technology world for fast data transfer.

With these combinations, you can quickly put any document or whatever you may need for your work on this laptop.

Ready-to-go connectivity is one of the most extraordinary things that this laptop owns.

It includes ports for USB type C, HDMI, 2 thunderbolts 4, and a headphone jack, and last but not least, the laptop’s long battery life. It can hold up to 11 hours which can easily last you through a normal working day without having to go in any socket’s direction.

  • Backlit keyboard
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Multiple ports
  • Solid battery life
  • Expensive
  • The display is not integrated with touch technology

Best Laptop for Macbook lovers if You’re a Young Professional

Apple MacBook Air

We present to you the only Apple MacBook Air with the cheaper counterpart of the MacBook Pro. Of course, we are listed as the best laptop for young professionals with a preference for Apple products. MacBook Apple never disappoints.

The MacBook Air is one of the most famous laptops from the Apple company. It is an excellent choice for office workers coming in three different shades: gold, silver, and gray. The system can be customized to cater to other operating systems.

Key Features:

The Apple MacBook air is one of the smallest laptops compared to the other listed machines in this article, near perfect for young professionals. Since we mentioned small, that means that it should be lightweight. Yes, it does, it has a way of only 2.8 pounds, and it is an ultra-portable laptop, as, unlike work, it won’t feel like a load that you would be carrying with you everywhere.

This little machine offers a small display size of only 13 inches. It delivers a resolution display of 2560 to 1600 pixels on the retina display, which gives us a fantastic crispy image of anything. The refresh rate of this laptop is also 60 hertz. The laptop is combined with the Apple magic keyboard, also a backlit one. It has the touch id on its top right and a fingerprint reader considered one of the best security features.

Its CPU differs from the other laptops. The Apple MacBook Air is powered by the apple m1 chip, one of the fastest in the current tech world. This chipset is widely known and preferred for its power and efficiency. So it sounds perfect for an office laptop, right.


Furthermore, it offers 8 gigabytes of decent RAM storage and 256 gigabytes of SSD storage, sufficient to transfer data at flash speeds and save all your presentations and documents without any worries.

The wireless connectivities offered by the machine are like any other professional laptop on the market—Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. At the same time, the ports found on the MacBook Air are for USB type C.

It also has a headphone jack, which is a colossal convenience when you are in your comfort zone and want to use high-end headphones of your own choice for the preferred experience. The machine further offers an amazingly high battery life of 18 hours under average usage load, which is extremely impressive for a laptop to hold on to. Moreover, this is not just an empty claim, as almost everyone has tested the battery life.

  • Ultra-portable
  • Powerful m1 chip
  • Long battery life
  • High-resolution display
  • No HDMI port
  • No SD card slot

Want Best Display? Here you go Young Professional

LG Gram 17z95p

A special place is reserved for the LG Gram 17z95p. This laptop has the best display among the best laptops for young professionals, which might not sound like a big thing. However, it still plays a significant role in the user experience with the machine.

Key Features:

Now we don’t want to talk too much about this machine right now because its impressive features will speak for themselves. However, one would notice the first thing when holding this laptop is extremely lightweight.

Even though when you look at its dimension measurements, it betrays the eyes, making it look like a heavy machine. By the looks of this machine, it gives an impression of a plastic chassis. Still, we would like to correct you here.

It has an entire metal body that is resistant to many things such as dust, drops, and even extreme temperatures. The LG Gram comes packed with a 17 inches screen that delivers an impressive display with a resolution of IPS LCD, which offers 99 color expressions.

So the things you want to be shown on its screen will have better clarity and lifelike visuals. Safe to say, it is the best laptop for young professionals with high expectations from the display. The refresh rate of it is also 60 hertz.

We could talk the whole day about its keyboard. Still, we will keep it to the point by just mentioning that it has incredible big flat keycaps. In addition, the critical pitch stroke is elevated. These things give one the most comfortable experience one can imagine having with a keyboard.

LG Gram is powered by the Intel Core i7 processor, an absolutely important component advanced enough to take on just anything. In addition, a fully integrated Intel Xe graphics card gives the laptop an outstanding performance on anything you might use it for, especially in the office.


The machine further comes packed with a considerable RAM capacity of 16 gigabytes. And this is no joke in the professional world as this much RAM means serious business, be it the heaviest and most demanding of the tasks.

The machine further comes with a very spacious SSD storage of 1 TB. That is enough to last through your whole professional career and might even save some bits of your post-retirement work as well, that too at lightning-fast speeds. This laptop doesn’t joke around when it comes to wireless connectivities like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The ports are for USB, HDMI, thunderbolt, and the MicroSD card reader. LG claims that the battery life of this laptop can hold up to 19 hours on a single charge. Of course, this laptop does vary in its usage, but still, even on intense use, it delivers more than 10 hours.

  • High durability
  • Excellent performance
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Huge SSD storage
  • Expensive

Best Laptop in Range? Here is Our Pick

Dell Inspiron 14 5400

It is listed as the best two-in-one mid-range laptop, lying on a whole new level in a different league compared to its other competitors in the list, one of the best laptops for young professionals.

Compared to the others, an extra laptop makes it different though, as already mentioned, it is the best two-in-one. Moreover, it is the only two-in-one laptop on this list mentioned for its impressive features for office use, being a two-in-one laptop.

Key Features:

The Dell Inspiron 14 5400 is a flexible one; it allows rotation of 360 degrees because the screen is placed on the adjustable hinges. Besides its ability to be rotated, this laptop is made of solid aluminum material that proves its durability.

The screen of this Dell laptop comes in 14 inches which delivers a full HD display at 1920 to 1080 pixels, and the refresh rate on this laptop is also 60 Hz. The display is also WVA which means that this laptop offers you wide viewing angles, making the screen visible.

A fantastic keyboard is owned by this laptop too. It has backlighting so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Suppose you need your laptop on the darkest nights to log in to this laptop.

In that case, it is easier than ever to open the lid with a sensor for waking up your computer. The fingerprint reader allows you to access the device without placing your whole hand on the keypad to type the full password.


It is powered by the immersive Intel core i5 processor and the fully integrated and compatible Intel ultra HD GPU. This combination is quite a decent one, powerful enough to handle moderately demanding or power demanding tasks at low settings.

This laptop delivers you a spectacular and powerful performance. Imagine what kind of performance this laptop would give you while doing your office work.

Speaking of RAM, the machine features 12 gigabytes of it, which is massive. But, of course, we are talking about office work for young professionals here; no high-end gaming, no video rendering, 3D animation, game development, etc. But to complement all this gold, the laptop comes packed with 512 gigabytes of SSD storage, perfect for the modern, fast-paced world.

The laptop further features type A and type C USB ports, HDMI, an SD card reader, and wireless connectivity features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Unfortunately, all this power, glam, and goodness come at a cost. Also, the battery life of this device isn’t the greatest one on this list. It is just sufficient enough to last through a normal workday.

  • Great display
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Great connectivity
  • Tablet mode
  • Low battery life

Best Value-Worth Laptop for Young Professionals

HP 15

The HP 15 laptop is listed as having an unbeatable value for the money and one of the best budget laptops for young professionals. But, are you looking for a computer with lots of features for your office work?

Still, you don’t like to spend much money as spending money on a laptop isn’t at the top of your priority list? HP Company seems to have the solution to this very problem. So, let us present the HP 15 laptop to you.

Key features:

Overall, it gives you a solid design. It has a well-built aluminum chassis that makes it a sturdy laptop. It comes in a beautiful silver color. The most important thing is that it doesn’t show any fingerprints that laptops usually get on their bodies from the lightest and cleanest of the touches.

This HP laptop’s keyboard deserves a plus for its comfort, yet there is a lack since it does not have backlighting of the keys. As the name suggests, this laptop has a screen size of 15 inches and a display resolution of 1920 to 1080 pixels.

While the refresh rate works, include a micro-edge display so no frames will cover it. In addition, there is an anti-glare to have a better experience while using it in any place on the sunniest of the days under direct sunlight. The laptop gives a powerful dynamic performance when used for an office job and any personal usage.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are added as wireless connectivities.

This laptop also has ports for HDMI, different USB types, and an SD card slot. The decent battery life promised by this laptop can hold up to eight hours which is an approximate time for any office.

But still, let me give you a piece of advice that brings your charger with you. That would be better than telling your superior that you won’t be able to deliver your work because of a dead laptop. At the same time, you wish for longer battery life.

  • Affordable laptop
  • Micro-edge technology
  • High glare display
  • Strong Chassis
  • Absence of a backlit keyboard


Is it wise to buy a cheap laptop for professional life?

It depends on the direction you choose to take in your professional life and your definition of cheap. For example, if your work or professional activities include power-intensive tasks like rendering, animation, programming, development, photo and video editing, etc.
Then finding the best in a limited budget won’t be advised as these demands focus on the power fulfillment rather than prioritizing the pocket. On the other hand, if your work requires a moderate level of tasking, such as making documents, presentations, and sending emails, you can consider prioritizing your pocket. But still not too much that you miss out on even a decent-powered machine.

What is the definition of good battery life for any young professional?

Again, that depends on the field one is working in and their circumstances. For example, some young professionals work from home, so even the worst battery timings won’t be a nuisance for them. They can sit in the comfort of their homes just a couple of feet away from the electrical sockets, which they can stay plugged into even the whole day.
Then there are professionals whose job description requires them to stay at the desk all day long, even if they don’t have to worry much about the battery life. Still, suppose you’re on the go all the time. In that case, we can consider 10 hours of battery backup definition of good battery timing. This is enough not to have you wishing for longer battery life.

What is essential to have in a laptop if your job requires multitasking?

First and foremost is the RAM, as RAM plays a significant role in handling the multitasking compartment of any laptop. If you don’t have sufficient RAM, you will face lag and delays while switching between the tasks.

They might even fail to rub in the background and shut down while you’re active on another task. So what’s a good RAM, you might wonder? If you don’t have to do anything related to videos or programming, even 8 gigabytes of RAM suffices and gives users a smooth and lag-free experience.

What laptop is suitable for professionals in the animation field?

LG gram 17 is the answer without a second thought, which can be considered one of the gaming laptops and one of the best business laptops. This machine features a top-of-the-line fully dedicated core i-7 processor with a huge display and RAM with 16 gigabytes capacity, which is no joke in the world of laptops. The combination is as deadly as it can get. Along with 1 TB of SSD storage, the computer can handle anything as many as thrown its way as possible. Even though it is heavy on the pockets, it would keep the workload on you relatively light as it would be taking much of it on its own.


When one dives into the world of laptops, there is a wide variety of laptops offered by numerous huge and well-known brands. Finding the right partner can have as much load as your professional work.

Listed above are the best machines in their league manufactured by different companies, each with other positives and negatives falling in different price brackets, with totally different signature features and power output. One device cannot suit all young professionals hustling in the market, so we have given a deep insight into each laptop’s components.

So youngsters can keep their circumstances and requirements alongside. The descriptions of the listed laptops and see for themselves which description suits their requirements.

Be it budget or any specific feature or brand that is most important to their working style or needs. We have given it all under a single webpage, so instead of endlessly browsing through amazon. Walking through the stores for days falling prey to further confusion, and ending up with a wrong decision, you can conclude within 10 minutes quite effortlessly.

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