How to Fix a Broken Computer Screen | Quick and Easy Guide 

Do you see various visual flaws on your laptop or computer screen, typically like black splotches, pixelization, distorted resolution lines, or a part of the screen that appears black? The broken computer screen might be due to physical damage or any system malfunction. Don’t worry, we have got you covered on how to fix a broken computer screen without replacing it. 

Your computer/laptop screen sometimes gets damaged, owing to several reasons like any physical damage or connector defects. Laptop screens are certainly the elusive part of the hardware and need to be fixed only by expert technicians. However, if you don’t have an expert at hand, you can fix a cracked laptop screen yourself.

What Causes a Computer Screen Malfunctioning?

Laptop screen malfunctions can look devastating and need a quick fix. Mostly what you see on a broken computer/laptop screen is broken glass or distorted pixel lines. It may be due to several reasons like;

  • Accidental physical damage to the screen
  • Backlight Malfunctioning
  • Unusual Temperate extremes
  • Electrical Overstress
  • Incorrect handling 
  • Screen burn issues

Is The Laptop Screen Not Working? A Hack For Troubleshooting 

Try one of these steps if your screen is functioning improperly: 

  1. Reboot your computer

The screen is not displaying anything that could be caused due to the operating system or any other issue. By rebooting, these issues can be resolved. 

  1. Shut it down and reopen it to examine

Inspect each area and carefully eliminate the dust particles if you find any. Close its casing back to check whether the screen starts working smoothly or not. 

  1. Attach an external monitor 

If you still find your screen blank or black, insert an external monitor. A laptop is asleep or hibernating if you cannot attain satisfactory results. 

  1. Install new updates for video drivers

Video drivers often cause black screens with blurry visions if they are not updated. Outdated video drivers can cause malfunctioning as well. 

If none of these tricks work for it, your screen is damaged. It’s time to get a new one.   

How do you Fix a Broken Screen on Laptop? Cracked internally or externally

If you have dropped your laptop by accident or dropped something on it, then you surely need to fix your computer broken screen. Especially if you observe your screen is blown or physically damaged, leading to resolution lines or stuck pixels. We have got the right easy hacks for you to fix cracked laptop screens. 

A cracked screen is only replaced. It’s not worth using a laptop with a broken screen that is damaged externally. Here are the DIY steps to fix broken laptop screens by yourself. 

Guide To Fix Broken Laptop Screen at Home 

Screen replacement is neither too easy nor too complex to be done by a professional (non-touch panels only). If you have time and interest, you can do it by yourself. Plus, a lot of money will be saved.  

Purchase An Accurate Screen For Your Gadget

This step can be done in a couple of minutes. Type the model number in the search bar. To narrow down the results, include the word “LCD.” A device’s specs should be compatible with the screen you’re purchasing. So, double-check the requirements. 

Tools You’ll Need to Fix

We recommend you put your hands down on the repair kit instead of looking for acquired tools. The repairing kit is different for each model. If couldn’t find any of these get these tools right away:

  • A neat and clean place where you can put your gadget without any inconvenience. 
  • A needle to take off bezels.
  • Screwdrivers. 
  • Dish to place screws. 
  • Adhesive to insert a new LCD with the laptop. 

Steps To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen 

Let’s fix the broken screen issue:

  1. Unplug your laptop. 
  2. Remove the stickers with the pin to reuse them and screws with the screwdriver. 
  3. Detach your old screen bezel with a putty knife or other flat object. 
  4. Take the cracked LCD out. 
  5. Next, you need to disconnect cable connectors from the LCD. 
  6. Secure a new screen within the frame carefully. 
  7. Reinsert the screws back. 
  8. When everything gets tightened, put the bezels back. 
  9. At last, reattach your battery and power it up. 
  10. Enjoy your newly inserted screen. 

How Much Does a Broken Laptop Screen Cost? 

The laptop repair screen doesn’t cost as much as you assume. Plus, the price also varies from brand to brand and model to model. If you have a MacBook whose panel gets broken, then you require a bottomless pocket to replace or repair it. It is advisable not to improve a cracked screen because it will affect the overall functioning of your equipment. 

Repairing or replacement costs are usually done within the range of $300 to $500. But it can be reduced to $100 if you do it by yourself. 

How Can You Find the Best Repairing Center for A Broken Screen?

With the hectic schedule, it might not be possible to spend two to three hours repairing. If you are okay with the price, get your device’s services done through a knowledgeable technician or professional. 

To find the best-repairing center do proper online research. Keep in mind that you need to pay the price of the spare parts along with the service charges. 

Furthermore, don’t head up straight to any local store. Read their reviews online before choosing a service expert for your device. 


Can a broken screen fix itself? 

No, a broken screen can not fix itself. The damage is not temporary. You require professional assistance if you are illiterate about the technical parts of the laptop. 

Is it worth fixing a broken laptop screen?

The rule of them is if the cost spent on repairs is less than the purchasing price of the laptop, then it’s worth doing it. 

Is it safe to use a laptop with a broken screen? 

With the hairline crack, you can continue its use as usual. However, we advise you not to move with it. 

Wrapping Up

Laptops should be protected like a jewel these days. If they stop working for any reason, we feel like the world ends—a major inconvenience for sure. With our listed methods, you can fix your equipment in a few hours with minimal effort to put in.  

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