How to Make A Stolen Laptop Untraceable | 10 Secret Ways

Are you an unauthorized seller looking for an unauthorized retailer to buy the bulk of stolen gadgets at a cheap price? It’s the right time to outshine your business by buying premium quality laptops illegally and selling them to well-off clients on great deals.

But, wait! Are you worried if the laptop you illegally buy gets traced by the authorities and you end up being behind the bars? Don’t worry, we have rounded up the best secret ways you can use to make your stolen laptops untraceable. 

What if you buy a stolen laptop from Black Market at a really cheap price. Now, the first step you are probably going to do is to find an ultimate guide to make your stolen laptop untraceable. 

TOP 10+ Secret Ways to Make Stolen Laptop Untraceable

Windows laptops can be easily made untraceable, however, if you have stolen MacBook or Apple laptop then it’s a hard nut to crack. 

However, we have curated the right ways you need to try right now! Make sure, you have a strong internet connection before trying the steps below.

Using A Strong Password

One of the easiest ways to make your untraceable stolen laptop difficult to be observed by programmers is to add a strong password. 

Tips to Make A Strong Password

  • Make your password strong by adding at least 20 characters (containing letters and numbers, and symbols. )
  • It should be a mixture of capital and small letters. 
  • Make sure your password is never based on your personal information.
  • Avoid sharing your passwords with anyone else and switch your password on a regular basis.

Use Bolted Screen Saver

An alternative way to make a stolen laptop untraceable is by using a bolted screen saver. Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the right side of the mouse anywhere on the home screen. A list will appear.
  • Now choose Personalize/ Customize option. 
  • Click on the lock screen option that appears on the left side of the menu. 
  • Now, scroll down and choose Screen Savers Settings options.
  • Tap the box of Display Logon Screen that appears on your screen.
  • Now, choose from the options the one you wish to see as your laptop screen saver.

Change Plan Setting

Now after selecting the screen saver for your stolen laptop, change the plan set to make your stolen laptop untraceable. For this you need to follow the quick steps below:

  • Open the Control Panel on your laptop.
  • Now, click on System Security.
  • Next, select the Power Options.
  • Check the arrangements you have selected.
  • Now, choose the Change Plan Settings.
  • Select the Turn off Display to 5. 
  • Congrats! Your screen saver has been bolted.

Use A Robust Antivirus

You can get into trouble even by the slightest carelessness like if you hand over your device to any outsider so it can be dangerous. For this reason, you must install any robust antivirus software like Avast, AVG, Norton, etc. 

This antivirus software can save your laptop from any viruses that can harm your data or if your device faces any error while executing. Also, this anti-virus software is a solution to make your stolen laptop untraceable by preventing keyloggers to take screenshots.  

By Installing New Operating System

An alternative way to make a stolen laptop untraceable is by installing a new operating system by an OS installer. Reinstalling the operating system can make your laptop untraceable as it stops working GPS. 

Simultaneously, your laptop becomes untraceable when a new operating system is installed on your laptop. Follow the simple steps below;

  • To begin with, back up the operating system that you are using. 
  • Now, find the system specs and download the operating system.
  • Run the OS installer or you can use the installation disc for that.
  • Now, follow the instructions on the screen and use the new operating system. 

By IP address

You can also make your stolen laptop untraceable by changing the IP address of your device to the address of proxy service providers. You can also use a premium proxy service for this. 

  • Open the Internet Explorer.
  • Next, click on the Tools in the drop-down menu.
  • Choose Internet Options and tap on the Connections button.
  • Then, in the connections tab click on the LAN settings.
  • Now, look for “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.
  • Type in the private proxy server IP address in the Address box.
  • Now in the Port box, put in the port number.
  • Choose OK and it is done.

By Encoding Keystroke

To keep your stolen laptop untraceable, the most important thing to do is to keep your personal information confidential. This personal information includes passwords of your device, IP address, history, MAC address visited URLs, default internet browser, and much more. 

This personal information should be kept unique so that no one could easily guess and approach it. The security offices, service providers, hackers, and key lumberjacks can easily trace you, so you should use “Key scrambler” to scramble your keystrokes.

By Disabling Anti-theft setting

On the condition that not a single way mentioned above has worked, you may disable the anti-theft feature, which is a smart way of preventing the stolen laptop from being monitored. You must disable it in the BIOS option. It is also known as “I’ll AT” on some laptop models. 

It might be a bit tricky task, so you need to be careful. Bring the motherboard jumper into action and reset it if the BIOS is password-protected. Remove the soldered networking chips and BIOS battery, wait 20 seconds, then place them back. 

Most people have found this true way to be effective, although as previously said, not each and every method will work for you. But if this method didn’t work for you, let’s move to the next one.

By Removing Hard Disk

First, conduct a factory reset on your device and configure all of the laptop’s internal software. You may also address a lot of problems by removing the present hard disk/solid-state drive. 

Conscientiously, you need to take out the hard drive or SSD that is already installed in the laptop. Buy a  new hard disc or SSD and carefully install it into your laptop. 

By Changing From MacOS to Windows Laptop

As previously said, you should never buy a stolen MacBook owing to the reason that all the data of macOS is linked to the cloud so they are extremely secure gadgets. They can easily be detected by the owner and can never be rendered untraceable. 

So we recommend you not to buy a MacBook from the black market or by any unauthorized retailer since it might be dangerous. However, if you were previously ignorant of it you may now need to switch to a Windows laptop to keep your data secure.

By Removing Computrace

Computrace is a LoJack that sends GPS signals independently from your computer, fixed in your computer’s motherboard. It’s essentially a subscription-based anti-theft feature that collaborates with authorities, the program’s producer, and the computer’s owner to immediately flag the computer if it’s stolen or misplaced. 

You may disable the security option by turning off the compuTrace feature in the BIOS menu of your computer, which will permanently remove it. Also, you can reboot your computer and then pressF1 or F2 key to activate the BIOS menu. Now, deactivate it in Anti-theft settings.

 That’s how you can easily make your computer untraceable. 


Can a stolen laptop be blocked?

Unfortunately, blocking the stolen laptop is not feasible. It’s time to reset your passwords or delete your account if you have one. It’s also a good idea to change passwords for any accounts that may be compromised as a result of your laptop being stolen.

Can a laptop be tracked by a serial number?

Tracking a stolen laptop by serial number or MAC address is quite difficult. But these digits can be useful for immediate recognition, typically while registering insurance or police reports. However, if you use tracking software along with this, it can help you to find your stolen laptop. 

How to lock your windows 10 even after the laptop is stolen?

Here is a simple and easy way to lock windows 10 to make your untraceable stolen laptop far away from someone’s reach. The steps are as follows:
– Go to your Microsoft account.
– Click on the Devices button.
– Now, in the Overview Tab, tap on Show Details and choose the device which you want to lock. 
– Tap on the Find My Device option.
– Next, choose the Lock button and then click the Next option.
– Design a short message and then click on the Lock button. 
– Choose the Reset Password option and then click OK.

Can I track my stolen laptop if it is been factory reset?

No, it’s quite impossible to track your stolen laptop after it has been factory reset or the hard drive is removed. Once, your laptop is factory reset, all your data and information will be removed. Also, now windows laptops have “Find My Device” features that can help you to track your stolen laptop.

Our Final Verdict

It was the end of our guide on how to make a stolen laptop untraceable. We walked you through all the secret ways that will certainly help you a lot to escape from the theft trap. All the methods mentioned above are curated after thorough research and trials. 

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