How to Reboot Dell Inspiron Laptop? Quick Easy Ways!

With a rare occurrence, your Dell laptop gets stuck due to continuous workload and does not switch off or on. Now, you are probably perplexed, right? How to reboot Dell Inspiron Laptop? Let’s look at the solutions to reboot the device while it is freezing up or hanging while programing.

Usually, when the system gets over-heated, or a hard drive malfunction occurs, your laptop stops working and gets stuck. At the time, the primary requirement is to reboot your laptop in some way or the other. 

Depending on the possibility that your system is working or it is crashed, we have curated the right ways to reboot the Dell Inspiron laptop.

Detailed Methods to Reboot Dell Inspiron Laptop

The methods we listed below, are rounded up particularly to reboot the Dell Inspiron laptop, but they can be applied to reboot any laptop on the market. 

Method 1: Use Standard Windows-based Method

Using a standard windows-based method helps you to reboot your Dell Inspiron in a breeze. Follow the quick steps below:

  • Firstly, click on the Windows icon present on the left bottom corner of your screen.
  • Now, click anyone from the Sleep, Shutdown, or Restart options.
  • As we have to reboot the laptop, so click on the Restart option.

Method 2: Rebooting Laptop using Keyboard

If the cursor on your screen is not working properly, you can restart your Dell laptop with the keyboard by using the particular shortcut and function keys as discussed below.

  1. Using Function Key to Reboot Dell Laptop

As is the case, the function keys you see on your keyboard are used as shortcuts for multiple purposes. So here, we can use this alternative way to reboot the Dell Inspiron laptop. Even if your mouse is hanging or freezing up you can use this method to restart your laptop easily. Following are the steps:

  • Press Alt+ F4 at one and the same time. ( to shut down the running windows.) 
  • The screen will pop up with Sleep, Shutdown, and Restart options.
  • Choose the option you want to happen.
  • If you want to reboot your laptop, press the Restart option.
  1. Using Ctrl+ Delete Shortcut Keys to Reboot Dell Laptop

An alternative way to restart the Dell Inspiron laptop is by using the shortcut keys on the keyboard.. Following are the steps to follow:

  • The very first step is to press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at the same moment.
  • By pressing these keys, a blue screen will appear.
  • Now, you will see a power-off symbol on the screen. Choose this option.
  • As you will click, Restart, Sleep, and Shutdown options will appear. 
  • As you have to reboot the laptop, choose the Restart option to reboot the laptop.

Method 3: Using Power Off/On Button to Reboot Dell Laptop

If both the keyboard or mouse of your laptop are freezing up or stuck at a place, then no need to worry. Here is an alternative way to reboot your dell laptop in a few seconds by using the power on/off button. 

This “Brown Out” method shuts down the Windows without causing damage to the hard drive. This is a simple method, so you won’t end up in trouble while figuring out what to do. Following are the steps to follow:

  • You see a power off/on button on the top of the chassis
  • Keep pressing the power button for about 5 to 10 seconds, your laptop will shut down safely without damaging internal compartments.
  • Now, again long-press the power on/ off button, to restart your laptop.

Method 4: Using “Black Out” to Reboot Dell Laptop

This method is particularly useful to reboot a Dell laptop with a black screen. In this method, you have to disconnect the power from your device. Follow these steps;

  • First, unplug the power cable from your laptop and the socket. 
  • Next, disconnect and take out the battery from your laptop.
  • Your laptop will shut down completely.
  • After some time, insert the cable and battery again to restart your Dell Inspiron laptop.

Our Final Verdict

In our guide, we walked you through easy methods to reboot your Dell Inspiron laptop without any hassle. Check out our recent guides, to know more about tech hacks that really work!

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