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Buying a 14-inch laptop can proffer you some of the major advantages that you had never known before. However, its size can be a major downside that can stand in the way to get one’s hand on it. A 14-inch laptop can be too small to buy if you are fond of looking on large screens with wider viewing angles. But, its portability and handy framework are the major perks, especially for travelers. 

Should you buy a 14-inch laptop? The answer is: Yes. Here’s why; if you are looking for a portable laptop that has a handy framework and can be easily kept on your lap for long hours then a 14-inch laptop is the right choice for you. 

Buying a 14-inch Laptop: Advantages & Disadvantages

Screen size is not only the principal factor you need to consider while buying a 14-inch laptop, other factors like weight, resolution, hardware do matter a lot. 


✔ LightWeight Design H3

Who would want to carry a heavy laptop everywhere one goes? Or who would really like to force a big laptop into the backpack to make it too bulky to carry? 

That’s what makes a 14-inch laptop really worth it. Its lightweight design adds an edge and makes it invulnerable to outer shocks and impacts. 

✔ Highly Portable Framework H3

High portability is the greatest edge you get while purchasing a 14-inch laptop for commutes. Its size is well optimized to be kept on your lap while working for long hours during traveling. It can be easily put in the backpack and carried around without any hassle. 

✔ Fast Working

With a compact design, a 14-inch laptop is easy to work on. Their laptop models are well built to enhance your typing speed and working efficiency. Their chassis does not have a number pad on their well-optimized keyboard for fast typing. Enjoy a comfortable typing experience even during traveling. 

✔ High-Resolution Display

Enjoy high visual display on 14-inch laptops that have high graphics optimization and better GPU. With a compact screen, the pixels are distributed evenly giving a high-end resolution that is better for your eyes. 

✔ Longer Battery Life

Working on a 14-inch laptop has a major perk over all other sized laptops; its long battery life. Its small screen does not drain the battery and you can keep on working for long hours without a charger even while traveling. Moreover, it does not have high-graded spec and hardware that requires more battery to run.


⤬ Performance

If you are looking for the best performance laptop to buy then we recommend you to buy larger screen laptops, probably a 15 or 17-inch laptop, as they have got ample room for hardware installation and an efficient cooling system. 

On the contrary, 14-inch laptops have small size chassis for hardware, so they have an imperceptible performance disadvantage over large-screen laptops. 

⤬ HD Quality Display

If you are a content creator or gamer then probably you would be hunting for a large screen laptop for HD quality display. A 14-inch laptop does not support a premium visual display suitable for graphic designing and gaming. 

Is a 14-inch Laptop Worth It? Who Should Buy What?

  • For Regular Use

If you are buying a laptop for regular use, then go for a portable option. Buying a 14-inch laptop is worth it owing to its portability, handy size, lightweight design, and better battery life. 

  • For Traveling

If you do travel more than often then your laptop screen size should not matter to you at all. A 14-inch laptop is ideal for traveling due to its compact size and portability. Moreover, they are easy to carry around and stand for a long battery time. 

  • For Graphic Designing 

A 14-inch laptop is too small for graphic designing tasks. With faster boot speed, large screen laptops are ideal for multimedia content. As it requires a long time of screen involvement so large screens with wider viewing angles and HD quality display are better for your eyes. 

  • For Web Development

You can do web development on a 14-inch laptop conveniently. It works fine while editing, uploading, and testing the files on the webserver no matter if you are developing in JAVA, Pearl, PHP, or Python and then testing your code.

  • For Gaming

Is a 14-inch laptop too small for gaming? No, for gaming and resource-intensive tasks, you’ll need a laptop with optimal GPU, good graphics display, and impressive hardware design. Many 14-inch laptops have these features, so they are suitable for gaming. But buying a large screen laptop is the actual craze for gamers.  

  • For Coding 

Buying a 14-inch laptop is super portable for coding programs, mod games, and automation. These laptops are compatible to edit and compile windows, as they have longer battery life. Instead of carrying a big size laptop everywhere in your office, you can buy a separate numeric pad when you need it while coding. 

  • For Programming 

For programming work, a 14-inch laptop is really worth it. Look for a model with a compact, portable structure, high processing speed, and more RAM. It can be easily carried to meetings and during traveling. For programming, portability is all you need.

Is A 14 Inch Laptop Screen Big Enough? What to Choose Otherwise?

A 14-inch laptop screen is big enough for office workers and students. They provide wider viewing angles and a clear display. However, if you are a graphic designer then you can opt for 14-inch laptops alternatives with better specs. Don’t go for 11 or 13-inch laptops, as they have less advanced specs and small screen sizes. 

Before you buy, just have a look at the general pros and cons of a 14-inch laptop. If you have programming-intensive tasks like content creation, video editing or gaming then go for large screen laptops as they provide high visual and graphics optimization. But if screen size doesn’t matter to you then a 14-inch laptop is worth it owing to the wide advantages we mentioned above. 

Our Final Verdict

Is a 14-inch laptop too big? Not really, this size is suitable for office work and regular use. Working on an 11 or 13-inch laptop is typically like herding cats, so it’s better to look for mid-screen laptops that will probably not put a strain on eyes while working for long hours, with added specs and optimized resolution display. So, we concluded that 14-inch laptops are not too small to work with, rather, it’s the optimal size to buy. 

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